For those who might think I’m over-reacting to our dog’s penchant for lolling about on the plants, here are pictures:


Now, tell me which one YOU would rather see?

I finished my sf story for the Southern Indiana Writers sf anthology, coming out Real Soon Now (old sf fen know that means “whenever”–old sf fen also know what “fen” means). Took it in, got some good critiques, showed it to #4 daughter, Charlie and Mom and got some more, and I’ll be doing some tweaking, but it mostly worked just fine. I’m very pleased that it came out as well as it managed to. I’m more fantasy than sf. Now I want to write MORE STORIES! MORE, MORE, MORE!


writing prompt: Try writing a sort of story you don’t usually write. Just try to come up with a concept at first, then see if you can work up a character or two to go with it. Come on–it’s FUN!