I hereby pledge that this is the last time I sign up for the National Blog Posting Month challenge. I will never again PLEDGE to post every day. Here I am, obligated by my word that I will post today, and I have nothing to write about. True, that’s never stopped me before, but I’d rather drool nonsense because I can than because I must.

We’re up to our ears in cucumbers here. The corn did nothing, the rabbits ate the beans, but the yellow squash and cucumbers are about to invade the woods and mug the deer. I’ve made pickles until I can’t get anything else in the refrigerator. I’m making another batch today, taking some cucumbers to the Southern Indiana Writers meeting tonight, and taking some to church on Sunday to sell for charity. There are only so many cucumber pickles we can eat. Of course, our #3 daughter and her sons can help us out with that–they eat dill pickles like other people eat M&Ms.

Our #4 daughter called last night and we finished going over my comments on her book draft. A wonderfully clean draft–makes me jealous! I made chapter-by-chapter notes, and we’ll go over them another time. She’s great to work with; we wrote a fan fiction together once (Chicago Phoenix, somewhere on this blog) when she was a pre-teen, and she was great to work with as a collaborator. When she gets a chance to work with a real editor, she’ll be ready. She sticks up for what she wants to be the way it is and knows why she wants it that way, and she’s willing to consider that what she wants might not be right for the book and can judge the difference. Deft. That’s what she is: deft.

My next project is to get the other two books I had previously e-pubbed formatted for another e-publisher. Then I need to finish writing a synopsis that actually makes sense for my Big Fat Fantasy.

The other day, somebody who doesn’t write asked me, “How do you come up with ideas? How do you think up what to write about?” I was like, “The problem isn’t coming up with stuff to write about, it’s deciding which things to choose and which things to leave.”

And that’s enough of that.


writing prompt: Take any two random headlines from any sections of the newspaper (or online news source) and make up a story line that ties them together.