I went to pick up my friend Ardis for the Southern Indiana Writers Group meeting last night. We haven’t gone for a couple of weeks, so I was interested to see what progress has been made on theArdis hornets wasp or hornet nest that’s growing on the lintel of her garage door. This picture seems to be tinted sort of blue/green (forgive my partial colorblindness). That’s because I’m not quite a total idiot, and took this picture from INSIDE my car, through the windshield. The hornets were flying around past the driver’s side door, all like, “Come on, sucka–you want a piece o’ DIS? BRING IT!” And I’m all like, “I have a press pass. Just taking a picture. Bill Clinton said he’ll be here any minute.”

This nest is GORGEOUS, isn’t it? There is absolutely no practical reason for this to be so fantastically beautiful, yet it is. Makes me want to gas the little devils and take it for myself. OH NO I’M SLIDING DOWN TO HELL HELLLLLP!!!!!

Serves me right.

I’m a bit giddy this morning because I have nowhere to go and nothing to do all day long. I’ve completed my appointed tasks for the week, and need do nothing I do not choose to do. Tomorrow is World on the Square, and I’ll be working my brains off then down in the International Food TASTING, but today is freeeeeeee! My youngest grandson might come over to show me his new shoes and his new Transformers and to snag some of his big brother’s Megazords from storage, but that’s a pure pleasure.

So today, I’ll be reading #4 daughter’s wonderful fantasy novel, writing comments, and wishing I had thought it up. heee!


writing prompt: Have a character commit one of the seven deadly sins, but against the insect world rather than a human. (sloth, lust, wrath, envy, pride, gluttony, greed) Yes, I had to look them up–couldn’t remember gluttony and greed–too busy envying the beauty of the wasps’ nest and lusting to have it for myself–lucky for them, I’m too slothful to take it away from them.