You’ve heard of towns where the main activity is going down to the creek to watch the water rise?

Corydon, 8/04/2009 about noon:


All night last night and all morning, it had been raining upstream from us. Since we have a lot of houses in the floodplain on either side of the creek, it’s a genuine big deal when the creek starts to rise. People were out with cell phones, calling friends and family who have property in the floodplain, letting them know if they needed to come home, if they needed to get home by another route, if they needed their cars moved.

It wasn’t raining here, so I finished my errands and came to the library. Guess what? It’s coming down in buckets, and I HAVE TO DRIVE HOME IN IT. Not a jolly circumstance. Ah, well, for my sins, I suppose, for my sins.


writing prompt: Put a character who HATES to drive in the rain behind the wheel during a pelting storm.