That’s what Mom and I are. After a full weekend, today was just another such a day. We went to New Albany for pet meds, a microwave (hers died last night) and a toaster oven (mine is a POS and I’m tired of burning my biscuits–if there’s one thing that can ruin a marriage quicker than anything else, it’s burnt biscuits–a woman has burnt biscuits, next thing you know, her husband is looking for someone whose biscuits are less overdone). Anyway, then we didn’t have any room in the car for groceries, so we had to come home and unload and then go back out and shop and run errands. Then we came home and unloaded again, and now I’m about to go and get a load on.

So not a long post today.

Last night, I had a BLT salad: Lots of lettuce, a chopped dill pickle, a chopped tomato, some crumbled bacon and California French dressing. Oh, it was HEAVEN!

So today is Meatless Monday, and we had fried cubed potatoes and green peppers and mushrooms and egg for breakfast. For lunch, Mom and I went to a Mexican restaurant and I got mushroom and spinach quesadilla and refried beans. Ate half and brought the other half home, so that’s for supper, along with some fresh corn on the cob.

I love Meatless Monday!


writing prompt: Give a character a row of full and chaotic days. What does he/she do to unwind? CAN he/she unwind?