I was going to meet Jane in Louisville for lunch today, but the forecast was for occasional heavy rain and cloud-to-ground lightning, so we postponed it. Naturally, it’s been sunny all day.

So I stayed home and picked produce and made sweet-and-sour refriger8or p1ckles and pesto. I also called Jane so we could “unload” on each other. I put the word in quotations because unloading on someone implies transferring your burden to him or her. When we unburden ourselves to each other, the loads just get lighter for us both. Everything seems more manageable, and we feel better able to cope after a get-together. That’s how I feel, anyway, and Jane tells me that’s how she feels, too.

For lunch, I pan-fried the leftover smoked tofu I made the other day, put it on English toasting bread, with aged Swiss cheese for Charlie and Swiss and pepper-jack for me, then pan-toasted the sandwiches on both sides. Oh, my goodness. Yum.

I got a BUNCH of stuff at the farmers’ market and the grocery yesterday, la la la, I sing and dance. I’m going to cook ALL the kale at once, and freeze most of what we don’t eat tonight. I also scored some leeks, which I can seldom find. Gonna boil those babies and serve them with butter. Leftovers are going in a leek and Feta pie, I do believe. Maybe some leek and potato soup with some kale in it. AND SAUSAGE from the farmers’ market, perhaps-perhaps.


writing prompt: Take a character who has to stay home instead of doing something he/she really wanted to do. Have him/her do something that would move a plot forward because of the change.