Happy Meatless Monday! I got an email from the Meatless Monday folks with links to fantastic recipes. Meanwhile, our own Meatless Monday is off to a grand start. Here’s our menu:


Peach Pecan Pancakes–I cut up some local July Albertas and broke up some pecans into pancake batter. I drizzled mine with a little pure maple syrup, but Charlie used my blackberry goop (supposed to be jam, but it didn’t set).


I plan to make grilled cheese and maybe tomato soup.


Baked acorn squash, using a squash I bought at the farmers’ market.Leftover smoked tofu, warmed and crisped in a hot skillet. And this fine mess, which we had last night but enough was leftmushroommess over for tonight.


  • cabbage
  • mushrooms
  • noodles

I put cut up cabbage in boiling salted water. Cut up mushrooms–in this case, portabella and white button–and added them. When the cabbage was nearly done, I put in some noodles and cooked according to package directions. Drain and butter, season with salt and pepper as desired. Next time I make it, I’ll do more cabbage. Thought I had a BIG mess o’ cabbage, but you know how it cooks down. *sigh*


1. Here is a gizmo I bought off one of those impulse racks they hang off the shelves at the grocery store. A friend of one of my daughters loved it so much, I cool thing1bought him one. I think he used it tocool thing1a pick cigarettes out of his pack, or possibly other people’s packs. It’s actually an olive grabber, but it works for pickles, too, or anything that isn’t too heavy. Can’t pick up a cat with it, for example. Just press the plunger at the end and these creepy looking wires come out. Release the plunger, and the wires close, gripping whatever they’re around.

2. Our #3 daughter came over the other night, and pointed to the driveway and said, “Look, there’s a little toad. I saw one the other day, mowing the grass.” I said, “Get outta here! You’re lyin’! Was it on a regular-sized mower, or a tiny little toad-sized mower?” After she thought about it a minute, she said it was on a regular-sized mower, but I still think she’s lying.

3. At church yesterday, the preacher told the story of Jesus feeding the 5000, and he said something I’ve heard a thousand times, but that only jumped out at me yesterday. “There was a lot of grass at that place.” I was like, “Dude–that explains everything.”

I had another amazing thing, but I forgot it.


writing prompt: Keep a list of amazing things you come across. Write them down so you don’t forget them, when you’re old like me.