I came, I saw, I bought. Produce, that is. Yes, I have been to the farmers’ market and have carried off the spoils.

Man–next week, I’m wearing body armor. It poured down rain all night and was still spitting a little this morning, so I wasn’t sure I would go, but then Charlie invited me to join him with a couple of our friends for breakfast out, and I figured I might as well swing by, just in case they were set up in spite of the weather.

They were. A few more pavilions than last week and, at 8:15 (they open at 8:00), the place was crawling. We were all eying one another, sending daggers of thought: “If you get to that booth before I do, don’t you DARE buy up all the green tomatoes!” and “I’m putting up tomato relish, so don’t even THINK of stopping me from buying that whole basket!” That was not a pretty site. On the other hand, it was very nice running into lots of friends there. We all had our reusable market bags and caught up each other’s doings and children’s doings. Felt very European.

I came home and told Mom (she didn’t want to get up early enough to fight in the war, and if you go after 9 all the best things are gone) that it was all very Miss Mapp.

Well, it’s thundering, so I must away. Au reservoir, as Mapp would say!


writing prompt: Make two characters squabble over a piece of produce.