Sounds like the world’s most boring race… Although one might disagree that such a race would be boring, if one had read my story, “On The Rocks”, at that. At any rate, Turtle Run is actually theturtle run shed name of a winery near Corydon.

Mom and I went there the other day, and I took some pictures. This is a storage shed. In case you hadn’t noticed, I like pictures of things that have weathered the years. NO! STOP LOOKING AT MY SELF-SNAP! I WAS NOT TALKING ABOUT THAT PICTURE!! Okay.

We usually buy our Turtle Run wine at Butt Drugs, but sometimes we drive out there. They’re very civic-minded, and donate a door prize every year to World on the Square. They also allow non-profit groups to come work harvesting grapes in the fall, then they donate what the groups earned in wages to the charity of the group’s choice. So we end up going out to the winery a few times a year.

turtle1Since it’s called Turtle Run, it’s not surprising that there are turtles everywhere. I snapped a few. Does that make them snapping turtles? haha i crack myself up oh me oh my.

Turtle Run makes a great Vignoles, better some years than others. It’s best (IMO) when the grapes get frosted on the vine. It turtle2makes what they call an ice wine, that’s naturally sweet but not TOO sweet. This time, though, I bought the Catawba, which they told me was lightly sweet–thought I might as well try something new. Mom got a red wine, but red wines (except my beloved Chianti) give me the headache, so I’m sticking with the whites or roses.

turtle3They have some gorgeous Rose of Sharon bushes or, as we call them around here, Rose o’ Sharon. Because of that pronunciation, I used to think it was a Rosa Sharon bush, andRose of Sharon I always wondered who Rosa Sharon was.

When my mom lived in Corning, NY, we used to visit a winery called Bully Hill. One of their wines was Love My Goat. I’d rather drink turtles, quite honestly.

Well, a daughter just came to visit, so I have to get off. See you tomorrow!


Writing prompt: Invent a winery. What would its mascot be? Give its wines odd names. Enjoy.