Last Tuesday, the Woman’s Literary Club of Corydon (no web site–shocking, houseuntil you realize I would have to make and maintain it, and I can’t keep with the ones I do now)…. Where was I? I lost my place. Oh, yeah–Last Tuesday, the Woman’s Literary Club of Corydon had our annual “picnic”–usually a pitch-in held indoors, actually–at Orbis Farm Retreat Center.

We went up a bazillion steps to the main house. The retreat house is back farther, accessible by car, and only has a few steps. We walked back to that, too, so, what with the steps and the trek, we got our excercise. We needed it–SO MUCH GOOD FOOD! Fresh veg and fruit, fried chicken, Mexican refried bean casserole…. I forget all we had because, as much as I love to eat, the company was even better. If laughter is the best medicine, we all got well Tuesday. 🙂Bo

StellaInside the house, we met the two rescue dogs, Stella (champagne colored) and Bo (or possibly Beau–I forgot to ask him to spell his name). They are sweeties–friendly and affectionate, not skittish and defensive the way all too many rescue dogs have learned to be prior to being rescued.

We walked to the Retreat house and on into the garden. Veggies, herbs, fruit… and frogs. Frogs and toads had laid and tadfrogtadpolefertilized eggs in the water bins, and tadpoles (or, as we called them when I was growing up, pollywogs) had hatched out. I took bunches and bunches of pictures, trying to get a good one of a froglet, and two of them came out pretty good, so here they are.

We elected officers (same as current) and chose TRAVEL for our theme for the year. Helen and Betty invited us back for the 2010 picnic, and we all want to come. I have more pictures, but the more pictures I post, the slower the blog loads, so I’ll put them on my Flickr account.

A good time was had by all.


writing prompt: Write a scene of a group of women having a meal together. Write one where everyone likes everyone and yet give the scene movement and dramatic arc.