What is WITH her and the two hard-boiled eggs??!! I hear you shout. Well, it’s a Marx Brothers thing. I can’t think of hard-boiled eggs without thinking of The Stateroom Scene in A NIGHT AT THE OPERA. That’s probably my favorite scene in my favorite Marx Brothers movie. HORSEFEATHERS comes close, very close, but OPERA squeaks through first.

My #4 daughter’s favorite is THE COCOANUTS, made in 1929, because of the opera parody in The Masquerade Party Scene. That is, indeed, a funny scene, from first to last. We particularly like Harpo’s discreet expression of boredom and displeasure at long-winded or boring speakers. Discreet, yeah. And then this detective comes in, dressed like a toreador, and his shirt has been stolen, and he sings “I Want My Shirt” to the tune of the toreador song from Bizet’s CARMEN.

Hope to post those pictures of Orbis Farm tomorrow. Meanwhile:


  • ham
  • celery
  • onion or onion powder
  • dill pickles
  • mayonnaise

Run it all (except the mayonnaise) through a meat grinder or food processor. Add just enough mayonnaise to make it hold together. Serve on toast or with fresh bread or with crackers or on a bed of lettuce or in a pita.


writing prompt: Have two characters disagree on which Marx Brothers movie is the best. Have them unconsciously fall into a MB-like routine. ha-ha I am laughing already