Well, last night we ate the chicken I got out to thaw and then forgot to cook because the vegetables were so exciting. The vegetables were STILL the best part of the meal, but I certainly wasn’t going to give the meat to the dog. If he wants meat, he can go down to the garden and lay for the rabbits that are eating the green beans.

Last night, I boiled new red potatoes and green beans wrested from the ravening jaws of encroaching lagomorphs (rabbits). When they were done, I turned off the heat and put some corn on the cob into the water–all it has to do is heat through, really.

Meanwhile, I washed the chicken breast and marinated it in white wine and buttermilk. Then I heated garlic-infused olive oil in a pan, dredged the marinated chicken in seasoned flour and fried it. Tender, juicy and tasty. Charlie and I split it between the two of us.

writing prompt: Do you love cute little bunnies or loathe ravenous lagomorphs? Or does your mouth water over hassenpfeffer? Write your point of view, then have an argument with a character with a different point of view.