Last night, our #4 daughter came to supper and, as I proposed, I conferred with her on what to fix for supper. We decided to have Basmati rice and a stir-fry.stirfry So we cut up mushrooms, zucchini, yellow squash, green onion, red bell pepper and celery. She vetoed eggplant and green beans. She said some chicken would be good in it, so I got out a chicken breast and put it in the microwave to thaw. Then I totally forgot about it. I made the stir-fry and was digging in and thinking how good it was, and then I remembered I had left out the chicken. Oh, well, we scarfed it down and I put the chicken in the fridge for tomorrow.

Also had tomatoes and cucumbers from the garden. The cucumbers are topped with feta cheese and French dressing.

Yes, we have a new tablecloth, and high time, too.


Writing prompt: Have two characters get into an argument over what to put in a stir-fry.