Mom and I went to the grocery today, and ran errands, as always. One thing we did differently: Ozzie’s was having a sale, since Linda and Christine are offpalmshawl buying new merch, so we went to Ozzie’s. I got a present for #2 daughter’s birthday coming up, and a sarong/shawl for me. I love these things, and I’m coming to have quite a collection.

notabutterflyIt’s only the first part of July, but some leaves turn and fall now. Here is one I thought was most particularly beautiful. It looks like a butterfly, but it’s a leaf. Tulip poplar, I think.

I went to the coffee house yesterday, and I saw Diane, Charlie S., Dan, and Roni (twice). Today, I saw Indigo, Callie (twice) and Sandi and Mom saw Maxine. That’s one of the things I like best about living in a small town: you meet people you know all kinds of places, not just places you plan to meet them.

Charlie went picking blueberries with our #3 daughter and her #2 son this morning. We ate up just about all our blueberries this morning–blueberry and pecan pancakes.

Not sure what I’m going to make for supper–just got back from the grocery, and shopped the farmers’ market yesterday, and some of the garden is coming in, so we have an embarassment of riches. #4 daughter is coming to visit and will probably stay for supper, so I think I’ll wait until she gets here and we’ll plan something together.



writing prompt: Does the first changed and fallen leaf make you happy, sad, nostalgic, or what? Write a brief poem or paragraph about it, then another from the pov of someone with a different feeling/attitude.