I totally forgot what I was going to post about today. Well, I remember one thing, but I forgot the other.

So I’ll post about our salad last night, and then the thing I remember, which was a poem I’m reprinting for Sweetie_Pi, my writer/physicist friend on Twitter. But first:


  • raw broccoli
  • raisins
  • mayonnaise

Sometimes I use regular raisins, sometimes I use golden raisins. Sometimes I use dates, instead. Sometimes I add chopped nuts and/or chopped apples. A very good, quick, satisfying salad.

Now, for what I remembered I wanted to post. I wrote this for the Science list (or whatever we called it then) back on the old WildCat Bulletin Board. This one is for all you physicists out there:

by Marian Allen
@ back in the day

You put a cat into a box
And then a hat, and then some sox.
Although the cat says, “Stop now! Stop!”
You firmly fasten down the top.
Now, does that cat that’s in that box
Put on the hat or wear the sox?
He might do neither, maybe both.
You couldn’t really take your oath
On whether he’s in sox or hat–
That unobserved but well-dressed (?) cat!


writing prompt: Write a poem with physics in it.