No, this doesn’t have whiskey in it.

Yesterday was the 4th of July, also known in the USA as Independence Day. I’m tempted to watch the Will Smith movie, not because of Will Smith but because of Jeff Goldblum. *sigh* Also tempted to watch 1776, the best-ever musical featuring singing and dancing Founding Fathers. HOWEVER, Mom taped Castle and Eli Stone last night, so that’s what we’ll be watching.

The refrigerator pickles I posted about the other day were a big hit. The tender little green beans were a two-thumbs-up addition. The freshly dug new red Pontiac and yellow Yukon Gold potatoes went over well, too. I cooked them the way my late and beloved mother-in-law said to do:


Put the potatoes in a pot more than big enough to hold them, so the water can circulate. Cover them with cold salted water and then some. Bring the water up to simmer and cook below boiling for as long as it takes–the more potatoes you cook, the longer it takes. They’re done when a fork goes through one easily. Don’t be sticking them all the time, though, or they’ll break up.

Cooking them this way keeps them nice and firm, even though they’re cooked through.


We went to Charlie’s sister’s house (one of his sisters) for the get-together. Lots of family there, though not as many as usual, for one reason or another. Loads of food, as usual. The kids were disappointed in that it was drizzly, but they still played, wet grass or no wet grass. I believe they were dinosaurs.

It’s rainy and cool again today. I love it, personally. Everything is sort of misty, and it feels very snuggly to be inside and dry and warm, especially after getting chilled and damp going from church to my car. The rain, it raineth on the just and on the unjust.


writing prompt: Put a character who loves cool, misty weather and one who hates it into a vestibule waiting for a cab. They can be strangers or they can know each other to any degree.