First, to get your knickers in a twist, for those who don’t know, means to get bent out of shape–to become irritated and a bit resentful of someone or something.

Second, if the worst thing I ever have to face is twisted knickers, I’ll consider myself lucky.

Third, having one’s knickers in a twist is not a pleasant sensation, but metaphorical twisted knickers are a lot less unpleasant than actual ones.

Fourth, being AWARE of one’s state of twisted-knickerness–or knickers-twistedness, as you prefer–takes some of the chafing out of it.

Here, then, are some of the things that twist my knickers:

When my DH (dear husband–I don’t have a “hubby”) goes out without telling me he’s going out and then the phone rings and it’s for him and I look all over for him and can’t find him.

When I forget something I really really wanted to remember, like a tv show I meant to watch or a birthday I wanted to send a card ON TIME for, or I go to the library to work on the high-speed connection and find I’ve not brought the flash drive containing the material I wanted to work on.

When somebody says something that might be a joke or might be rude, and I think it’s a joke and then I realize it isn’t. Then I get twice as irritated, because I thought he/she was displaying friendship and I was wrong.

Any time I have to do something unfamiliar on the computer.

When I’m looking forward to some uninterrupted time to work on my writing…and get interrupted.

These are a few of my least favorite things.


writing prompt: What gets your knickers in a twist? Use that–or at least the feeling–in your writing.