Church this morning, but I like church, so that’s a freebie. It’s a small congregation, and Disciples of Christ are next door to anarchists, so it hangs pretty loose there. I love the hymns, I love the socializing, and God’s there as much as anywhere else. And if I don’t agree with something in the sermon… well… I’m DofC–I don’t HAVE to agree with it. We do Christ, we do conscience. Cool.

I say the day is free, but I hope to use it to work on my Culinary Chronicles for World Wide Recipes. If I can get them all done today, the whole week is free. THAT would be something to lalala about.

Mom and I went to an open house for supper last night, so I didn’t get to cook. The other night, I boiled some our-garden potatoes and farmers’ market cabbage and had plenty left over. Tonight, I think I’ll reheat that and put some smoked sausage (store-bought, alas!) with it. Maybe make some more cornbread.

I would love to bake some more bread, but it’s been so ungodly HOT! It’s supposed to cool down this week, so maybe I can get up and bake in the morning.

There was a piece in the paper this morning about bloggers pulling down $800/week by touting products. I wish. Sometimes I SOUND like a commercial, but here is official notice that I’m not: I WISH. I just stand on the ground and watch my money sprout wings and fly away and shout, “Hey! Where you goin’? Hey!! Come back here and answer me when I’m talkin’ to you! HEY!” So if you ever see some crazy lady standing around shouting at nothing you can see, it’s probably me calling after my long-lost cash.


writing prompt: How do your main characters spend Sunday? If you have no main characters, invent one and follow him/her through a Sunday, typical or not typical for him/her.