Everybody who knows me, knows that my favorite store ever in the whole wide world is Ozzie’s. They have the coolest stuff–scarves, purses, jewelry, house decorations, cards, garden stuff…. And now they have a web site, so here’s a link to it: Ozzie’s.

Tonight, Mom and I are going to Colokial, another shop in Corydon. On the last Friday of the summer months, the owner is having an open house, with free refreshments and music. I’m hoping to score some horchata. In case you don’t know, horchata is a milky, sweet drink with coconut milk and ground rice and vanilla and this and that and it is purely DELICIOUS, although my mother does not like it one bit. That leaves more for me. ha!

Meanwhile, I’m wrestling with the wordpress.org software, which I can’t get to do what I want. WordPress.com is a dream, but the “pro” gear assumes a lot more savvy than I posess. Oh, sweet Jesus, not another learning curve….


writing prompt: Send a character to an open house and have him/her overhear something intriguing.