Somebody said they wished I had put up pictures of the soda fountain at Butt Drugs, not just closeups of the cherry phosphates. So I took some snaps theButts1 last time I was in.
In addition to the soda fountain–oh, yeah, and a pharmacy–Butt Drugs has local and non-local wines, shirts and hats imprinted with Corydon and Butt Drugs logos, food/cooking gifts, and these rather expensive bulk candies. I can’t afford them, but I like to look at them.

I really don’t work for these people, but I’ve spent quite a bit of time there, what with one thing and another, and it really is a cool joint. Like just about every place in Corydon, you go in there enough and you and the folks who work there and other regular customers get to know each other. You swap restaurant reviews and tell each other what stores have what on sale this week or where to find such-and-such.

But, of course, the coolest thing is the soda fountain. You can order your own mix, if you want to. Ice cream, some of this syrup, some of that syrup…. Don’t like your milk shakes too thick to go through a straw? Tell ’em how you want it, and they’ll do it. Very nice.

Butts3So there it is. A real, honest-to-goodness local soda fountain.


writing prompt: Make yourself a milk shake. That’s an order. Then write about how GOOOOD it was.