Mom and I went to the farmers’ market today. Got there at 8:30 and, sure enough, some clever little pig had been there at 8:00 and bought up a bunch of the stuff.

There were only three canopies there, and not a lot of produce, but we did okay. Got three green tomatoes, one for Mom and one for Charlie and one forchard me. We will have fried green tomatoes tomorrow. I got a couple of little turnips, and these were the largest left. Got this HUGE mess of Swiss chard for 25 cents! I’ve never had this before, but I have plans for it. It was only the greens, alas, though the stems are supposed to be good. Don’t know what that’s about, unless the farmer likes the stems and not the greens and kept the stems for him/herself.

One of the pavilions was meat only–organically raised beef and pork. Charlie doesn’t eat red meat, and the only pork they offered was sausages. Another one, people Mom and I know, also had beef and pork on offer, but they had everything from brats to roast. I got a package of brats and an order form. Charlie and I don’t eat a lot of meat, and are eating less and less as we read more about the obscene ways food animals are treated and fed. This fresh and organic meat is so strong, so flavorful, I don’t WANT much of it and don’t NEED much of it for the taste to season anything it’s in. So we decided we would see if we could pick up some chicken and pork and not have it often. The expense would be less than cheap and toxic meat.

There’s still a long way to go to the greening of America–although everybody had Farmers’ Market reusable bags for sale, and although I brought my own reusable bags, I could not persuade the vendors to just pop that produce down in my bag. They all wanted to put stuff in plastic and THEN put it in the reusable sacks. Of course, I reuse or recycle the plastic, but still. I’m just sayin’. I told one guy, “If the dirt on your vegetables is so bad I don’t want it in my bag, I don’t want it on my food.” He laughed, but he just couldn’t bring himself to get my nice bag all dirty. Next week, I’ll line my bag with plastic, and maybe we’ll all be happy.


writing prompt: Have a character try to convince a salesperson to do something he/she hasn’t been trained to do.