Stewed tomatoes. Time was, I thought stewed tomatoes must be what people had to eat if they were wicked and went to hell. I thought they were slimy. To be fair, this was before I cooked, and maybe the stewed tomatoes I was given to eat WERE slimy.

At any rate, I’ve come to love stewed tomatoes, even though I cheat when I make them. I buy a can of Original Recipe Del Monte stewed tomatoes, withveg and stewed the green peppers and onions already in. Just dump it in a pan and add a couple of pinches of sugar. Toast two pieces of English Toasting Bread (regular is okay, too, but English Toasting Bread is better–I get it at the Jay C bakery counter) until it’s really dry and crunchy all the way through. Break the bread into small chunks and stir in until most of the liquid is absorbed. If the toast is really dry all through, it absorbs the juice and flavor and doesn’t get gummy and slimy.

We had stewed tomatoes last night along with roasted vegetables: cauliflower, sweet peppers and asparagus tossed with olive oil and garlic.

Tomorrow is the first day of the Corydon farmers’ market! Yay!! It’s supposed to rain tomorrow, but I hope it doesn’t, or at least that it holds off until after the market closes. I need to get out there early, before the hoarders get there. Last year, every time I went, somebody said, “You’re too late for the [fill in the blank]. I had some great ones, but a lady came and bought all of it, about two bushel baskets.” Me, I get one potato and one turnip and make a nice little fry-up with some onion powder and bacon. Real onions are nicer, but Charlie can’t eat them, ALAS.


writing prompt: If there’s a farmers’ market near you, go to one. Observe. Talk to people. Write a paragraph about somebody who goes to a farmers’ market.