One of the best parts about living in a small town (or a neighborhood in a city) is meeting people.

Short story long: I came home from the grocery and Charlie helped me unpack the bags. He held up two new red potatoes. “What the– Why do you buy TWO little potatoes? Don’t they laugh at you at the grocery store?” I said, “Yes, and they laugh at me at the farmers’ market, too, but I needed two potatoes and I bought two potatoes.” He said, “You’d get along great in Europe, going to those little markets and socializing with everybody.” I’m like, “That’s what I do now, only not in French.”

wcw1Anyway, the other day, Mom and I were wandering vaguely all about and went into The White Cloud Window stained glass place. We couldn’t believe we hadn’t been in before–it’s been there for about a year. The owner, Roni Cravens-Eby, is a friendly lady and a creative artist. Wow–you have to see her stuff to believe it!

Mom used to do stained glass work, so we had a blast looking at some of the glass. There’s this one kind, I forget what it’s called, somethings and streamers, that’s SO pretty! Streamers of one color and patches of other colors, like orange and green or pink and teal, in a field of clear textured glass. MAN, it made up into pretty stuff, too. Made me wish I weren’t such a klutz. It would be more than my life is worth to put me in a hands-on situation with cutting implements and glass with sharp edges, not to mention the heating elements to melt the copper or lead that goes between the glass pieces. I shudder to think….

wcw2She offers classes teaching stained glass work in two options: schedule class attendance on Tuesdays/Wednesdays for 6 2-hour sessions or walk in anytime Tuesday through Saturday between 11 am and 5 pm (business hours) and she’ll teach and guide you “when you want, as often as you want”. She said the prices of the two options are the same, but I forgot to ask what the cost is! Her phone at the shop is 812.596.0393, so call and ask.

wcw3This shop is right on the square in Corydon, at 115 East Beaver Street. She’s having a web site worked on, which will have great pictures of some of her work, once it gets up and running. Right now, it’s striking to look at, but not yet very informative, since most of the text is currently written in lorem ipsum. When it gets done, though, this will be The White Cloud Window’s web site.


writing prompt: Experience, ask about or read about an occupation/hobby. Look at examples or photographs. Imagine being immersed in that world.