Okay, I am. I’m so old, I remember when The Old Show premiered. O! how excited all sf fen were (fen, you know if you’re a REAL Old-Time Geek, is the plural of fan). First season ROCKED! (not a Horta joke, folks) Network decided to cancel. Fen rallied. Protested. Saved the show. Second season pretty damn good. Third season (IMO) was rank. When I go down to Mom’s and she’s watching TOS on TV, I can usually tell which episode it is within three lines at most if it’s first or second season, but third season is hit or miss.

I caught a little of Deep Space Nine, and enjoyed what I caught. Saw enough of it that, every now and then, I see an actor and say, “That guy looks kind of familiar–Oh, yeah… he was a Ferenghi.” I love Rene Auberjonois, so that’s why I tuned in, but I loved the concept, the characters, the storylines.

My #4 daughter got me hooked on The Next Generation. She’s a major fan of Patrick Stewart, as well as of Earl Grey tea, so it was a natural for her. My favorite character was Deanna Troi. Marina Sirtis has got to be one of the most beautiful women on the planet. The first ep I saw was the one where Troi has to take command of the Enterprise. She had a ribbon in her hair and big eyes, and I’ve called her Hello Kitty ever since. You be the judge:


Daughter has since given me a copy of the tape “Old Yellow Eyes Is Back”, Brent Spiner (who was musical BEFORE he was semi-mechanical) singing everything from “Toot Toot Tootsie, Goodbye” to “My Sweet Embraceable You”. Good stuff.

Okay, it’s thundering, so that’s enough of that. Got to get off before God fries my circuits.


writing prompt: What is or are your characters’ favorite tv show(s)?