Mom and her church group (one of her church groups), Women of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (better known as WELCA), and I went to our local Community Services organization. They provide crisis assistance, transient assistance, energy assistance, all kinds of information and economic counseling, a food pantry and a clothes closet. It’s a fantastic organization, staffed by fantastic people, and it’s a godsend for a whole lotta people.

We were given a tour and an education. It isn’t true–at least, in Harrison County–that dependence on social services is passed down through families. In fact, most people using social services or public assistance are only on it during a crisis and spend three years or fewer in those programs. Now, I don’t think that counts WIC or other healthy children programs, because healthy children are an ongoing need.

If you have a Community Services program in your area, and you have a need they can help you with, please stop by and see them–they treat people with dignity and compassion there. If you don’t have a need, thank God or you lucky stars or who/whatever you want to thank, and please consider volunteering or donating.


Had quiche for supper last night. Here’s a general recipe:


  • ready-made pie crust
  • stuff
  • eggs
  • milk
  • cheese

The stuff can be canned or fresh cooked vegetables and/or cooked meat in any combination you like. Spinach is a common quiche ingredient. We had mushrooms and asparagus, but we’ve used onion, ham, bacon, shrimp… whatever. Any kind of cheese is good, too. We used Swiss last night. The proportion of milk and eggs goes like this (cribbed from Julia Child): break 1 egg into a measuring cup, then fill with milk to 1/2 cup, then mix well. If that isn’t enough, do it again. If you want to, add seasoning, herbs (marjoram is nice) and/or a little Dijon mustard. Put the veggies/meat into the bottom of the pie crust. Top with cheese. Pour in the eggs and milk. Bake at 350F for about 45 minutes.


writing prompt: Next time you go to the grocery, buy a few things to take to a food pantry. While you’re there, talk to a staffer or a client. Yes, it is, TOO a writing prompt!