Mom and I had a full day yesterday. We went to the library and checked out SERENITY, the movie follow-up to the series Firefly. Did NOT like. Two thumbs down, although Jayne was great, and the River berserker scenes were better than Bruce Lee.

Anyway. Mom bought a GPS, so we used it to navigate to a place to eat in Jeffersonville, our first stop. Unfortunately, nobody told the GPS people that the restaurant is CLOSED, so we followed the old pioneer method of driving around until we found a place open. It turned out to be a coffee shop called Perkfection that also has soup, salads and sandwiches. We each got a “pick two”, half a sandwich and a cup of soup. Amazingly, the sandwiches were actual, normal-sized sandwiches and the cup was an actual small bowl. We’ve gotten used to a half sandwich being as big as our heads (well, as big as Mom’s head. MY head is bigger.) and a “cup of soup” being big enough to bathe in. This was just right for lunch. The coffee was REALLY GOOD, too.

It just so happened, by an astounding coincidence, and quite by accident, through no design of anyone in the car, Perkfection is practically next door to Schimpff’s Confectionery, the best candy shop/factory this side of Wonkaville. I bought Mom her usual cream roses and she got Charlie and me dark chocolate-covered orange peels. Oh! There is heaven on earth! We didn’t have time to watch them make cinnamon red-hots, but we did watch a woman coating coconut bars with chocolate. I was like, there’s the job for me. Then I realized I would be licking my fingers all the time, so it might not be such a great job for me to have, if I had to do it where anybody could catch me at it.

After Mom’s eye doctor appointment, we went to New Albany to make sundry purchases not available in Corydon–like 100% juice in other flavors than orange, grape and grapefruit.

Then we gave the GPS voice a hissy fit by telling her to take us back into Corydon and going a different way than she wanted to take us. She was all like, “Turn right. … Turn around at the first opportunity and turn LEFT.” Then she pouted, and wouldn’t talk to us at all for a while, but she got over it.

In Corydon, we went to the drug store to get Mom’s prescription filled. We have all our prescriptions filled at Butt Drugs. No, really. It’s such a cool place! The front part of the store has cards, gift items and liquor you can’t get most places, as well as Turtle Run wine (Turtle Run is a local winery that makes the most fabulous ice wine, when the harvest weather is right. If you like a sweet wine that is not too sweet, sweetened naturally by the grapes being chilled on the vine, the Vignoles is the wine for you–if I leave you any.). They also have a soda fountain.

I grew up drinking cherry phosphates, and one of the reasons I was willing to move from Louisville to Corydon was Butt Drugs’ cherry phosphates. No place (that I knew of) in Louisville still made them, so I was delighted to find that wonderful taste again. Kelly makes them just right. Cherry syrup (and don’t be stingy, baby) and soda water, then stir it up just right, so you mix everything together but don’t flatten the soda. Oh, man.cp completed

cp in processKelly said I could take her picture mixing the cherry phosphates. I got one for Mom and me to split and one for Charlie. It may look like Big Red, but it’s SOOO much better (IMO). Mom said, “Too bad it’s too early for supper. You need a fish sandwich to go with a red soda.” Who does she think she’s kidding? The KIDS always had red soda on Friday, when we got fish sandwiches from the St. Cecilia’s fish fry, but the grownups had beer.

At last, at last, we came home. Charlie enjoyed his cherry phosphate and we all enjoyed our treats from Schimpff’s.

But Mom and I did NOT enjoy the movie SERENITY, except for bits. Meh.


writing prompt: Are there any special food pairings or food/drink pairings you remember from your childhood? Different between kids and grownups, like our red soda vs beer? Different between various schools of thought, with debates as to which was better?