One of my Twitterpals, @claritynow , does urban shelling. I think it’s brilliant. It’s picking up stuff off the street, arranging it at home, photographing and inventorying your daily collection and posting it to his blog.

I met Jane for lunch in Louisville on Friday, but we went where we’d been before, and nothing particular happened, so I had nothing to report. I did, however, get my feet metaphorically wet with a little urban shelling. Two differences, though: I only brought one thing home, and I didn’t collect everything I saw; I took pictures of things that caught my eye. Here everything is:

squirrel bottletop chain box

Squashed stuffed squirrel, green bottlecap, rusted chain, bright blue box

Guess which thing I brought home?


writing prompt: Take a walk. Bring home or photograph whatever catches your eye. Not what you think SHOULD catch your eye, but what DOES. AFTERWARDS, maybe you can figure out why.