Okay, I’m on a roll. I’ve been craving no-meat lately, probably because somebody gave me a free-range chicken (frozen, not alive) and I know the two of us are going to have enough carne for an army soon.

falafelAnyway, last night we had falafel (made from a packet). Falafel is (falafels are?) made out of ground chickpeas, flour, water and lots of spices. You mix the water with the contents of the packet, let the water be absorbed, form it into balls and fry it.

Meanwhile, I got out my beloved rice cooker. Put in 1 cup of water and 1/2 cup mixed Basmati rice, quick-cook barley and quinoa. Cut some little red and yellow sweet peppers into rings. Added a small can of baby lima beans (including liquid), salt, and turned it on.

I also made a sauce for the falafel–sour cream, chopped dill pickle, fresh dill and enough pickle juice to thin the sauce.

Naan bread would have been perfect with this, but I didn’t have any dough made up, so I used warmed flour tortillas.

Very nice supper.

Today, Mom and I are going on a group trip to Churchill Downs.

Oh, I didn’t go to Louisville yesterday. Storms were predicted, so we postponed it. Yesterday was lovely, all day long. *sigh*


writing prompt: Write about someone who decides to go vegetarian. How do others react?