Yesterday was grocery day, which means it was also clean-out-the-refrigerator day. Lots of leftovers got the heave-ho. As always, I began by separating stuff by usability. Triage can be so heartbreaking.

If it jumps out and tries to mug me when I open the container, it goes into the compost bucket.

If it’s passive-aggressive, the dog gets it for dinner.

If it’s almost as good as new, it gets served again as a side dish.

If there isn’t enough of it for a side dish, it gets combined with something else as a creative side dish.

If there isn’t much of a lot of stuff, it gets made into a soup, stew, casserole, salad or stir-fry.

Last night, it was stir-fry. I also had some fresh asparagus and green onions from our and a friend’s garden, and some pre-cooked cocktail shrimp from the grocery.

I put the asparagus in salted water and brought it to a boil, covered and turned off the heat. I don’t do that tie-the-stalks-together-and-stand-them-upright-so-they-cook-evenly stuff. Break ’em up, put ’em in a pot, cook ’em till they’re soft.

The last of the bok choy, little sweet peppers, mushrooms, corn cut from the cob, teeny shrimp, green onions, cooked in olive oil, sesame oil and garlic. When almost done, added soy sauce and covered and steamed. I wished I had some cashews, but I didn’t. Wished I had some leftover rice, but that went to the dog. Boo-hoo for me.

Dished out some asparagus and put the stir-fry on top.



writing prompt: What do your characters do with leftovers?