Yesterday, Mom and I went to a tea party at the house of a friend. The friend is one of the most generous and giving people on earth, and she gave the party to honor her sisters and daughters. She gets choked up when she talks about how wonderful other people are, and she is overwhelmed at how kind people are to her. Doesn’t seem to understand why people are so devoted to her. So she gave this massive tea party and invited all her daughters (including exchange students), daughters-in-law, friends, mothers and daughters of friends.

She couldn’t bake anything, because her gas oven is on the fritz and the repair guys haven’t made it out there yet, so sisters baked or bought and she made all kinds of sandwiches: radish, cucumber, smoked salmon, seafood salad, egg salad, avocado/bacon and pimiento cheese. There were scones, crumpets, muffins, shortbread and biscotti. There were orange marmalade and lemon curd and butter.

tea goodies

The tables were set with fresh flowers, candles, cloth napkins and pretty cups.

tea tables

tea pot

Each table had a different tea: blueberry, Earl Grey, Irish Breakfast, Mandarin Orange. People were encouraged to table-hop and try different teas.

The only male present was a baby of about 8 weeks. He was a privileged character. His father and uncles protested by use of signs which they posted all over the living room. Here are two of them, one in Slovakian. There was also one in Korean. These were courtesy of the exchange students.

tea protest

The protest is over the unfairness of the tea party being limited to ladies only. There was some talk of a picket line, but the men decided instead to have their own party. Beer and brats, I heard, which sure sounded good to me. I was more than half tempted to see if I could crash it, but I stuck with my own gender. *sigh* “Thank God, Archie, I’m always a lady. To hell with anything unrefined,” as Mehitabel the cat would say.


writing prompt: Would your main female character rather go to a tea party, a beer and brat party, or stay at home?