Charlie and I went to Louisville today to march in support of House Resolution 676–single payer health care. There were a bunch of us there, all in good spirits in spite of a slight drizzle. The drizzle cleared up and we even had some sunshine before the event was over. We carried our signs around on the sidewalk not quite across the street from the Humana building. Our permit was for up the block from them. Directly across the street would have been in front of the performing arts building. I don’t know if they were afraid people would think THEY were being picketed or what, but we were placed a block away.

Then a guy from the bank building we were in front of came out all red in the face and told us we couldn’t parade in front of HIS building. We finally got it straight what part of the country was still free for assembly and petition for redress of grievances and walked there. People were honking and waving from passing cars, standing on the street and watching, coming up and getting literature–even joining the event.

After we walked and chanted jazzy little slogans for a while, we had some speeches and songs and then broke up.

Health Insurance Reform – If there is ANY hope of overcoming the enormously powerful and wealthy health insurance corporations it will take millions of grass roots supporters flooding their representatives and senators with comments on H.R. 676 to get real single-payer health care reform passed in America. For that to happen we need a lot of professional nationwide TV, radio and newspaper advertising to help get our citizens educated and motivated. Time is short; please go to for more information on how to help make this happen.


writing prompt: What cause would your character take to the street to march for?