I met our interim minister and a fellow parishioner for breakfast this morning at Frederick’s Cafe. We had a full visit, about two hours, then my fellow parishioner had to go to another meeting and Dr. Wessels and I were supposed to go to Cafe on the Square so I could show him the best coffee in town. He said he needed to go back to the office, but would meet me here.

So here I sit, but where is he? Have I been ditched, or is he lost? Lost in a one-horse town? Or does he actually need to get some work done? Some people do, I’ve heard.

I’m downloading information on foods for my Culinary Chronicles for Worldwide Recipes, so it isn’t as if this time waiting is lost. I’m just getting kinda worried about him. Guess I’ll pack up in a bit and go see if I can locate him. I don’t mind being ditched, but I am a worrier, and I need to make sure he didn’t get run over by a turnip wagon or something.


He showed up. Sure enough, he was working. He’s barely met me, but he knew me well enough to know I would still be with the coffee and hi-speed internet, so joined me here when he could. Now I need to run between the raindrops to my car, run my errands, and go home.

writing prompt: Somebody is stood up. Under what circumstances? How does he/she react? What are the consequences?