Full day today. Taking Mom to eye doctor, then going to the grocery. Looks like a pretty day, in spite of the forecast of storms and thunderstorms for the next 40 days and 40 nights. They said it was going to storm all day yesterday, too, but we had some drizzle once and a cloudburst, and the rest of the day was fine.

Charlie’s family came over for their monthly get-together, which it was our turn to host. Charlie and #3 daughter worked like dogs–a hell of a lot harder than any dog WE ever had–to get the place looking great. They repainted the playhouse and cleaned it top to bottom. The kids had a blast in it.

That Dog was here, of course–Forrest. I would call him my bete noir, but he’s white, and bete blanc just doesn’t sound as scary. He isn’t exactly a scary dog, unless you’re between him and foodstuffs. A nice dog, but single-minded. I still have the scars. He and our dog, Joe, kept me up until about 3 this morning, fighting over who was going to sneak onto the porch and rub mud on it. Every time I would drop off to sleep, WHUFF! WHUFFWHUFF! Apparently, Forrest won, because I got up this morning to find Joe sitting in the middle of the driveway so I could clearly see HE was the GOOD one and was NOT on the porch. Neither was Forrest on the porch, once I reasoned gently with him by means of an umbrella. I called his daddy on him, and he’s gone for the moment.

Now that I’ve missed the deadline for SWORD AND SORCERESS XXIV, I feel as if a load has been lifted. I really really wanted to be in it again this year, and I really really like the story I’m writing, but I started it too late, and I felt like I was pushing it. I can usually write a story quickly when I need to–professional, and all that–but I’m kind of fragmented right now. Need to get my ducks in a row, my beans counted and my head on straight. Need to clean out my chiche closet and swap for some new ones.


writing prompt: Have a character open the door and find a strange dog on the porch.