We’re hosting Charlie’s family get-together this Memorial Day, so we’re getting the house ready. Charlie’s getting the house ready, actually. All I have to do is straighten up, run a quick vacuum, dust and cook. Charlie uses a gathering of the clan (with a c, children, clan with a c) to do major projects, like paint the deck, clean and paint the playhouse, dispose of all the storm damaged trees, redo the kitchen….

I’m like–let’s not do any kitchen renovation over the weekend, okay? I need to have the kitchen free to cook this year.

The host always provides meat and bean soup and cornbread. We have a ton or two of shaved ham, and we’ll get some fried chicken from the deli. I’m making pintos and cornbread. I’ll also make some deviled eggs. That’ll be great, because everybody makes deviled eggs differently, and I love the way I make them and don’t much like anybody else’s way. Most people use Miracle Whip and sweet pickle relish, but I like mayonnaise and no sweet anything. I usually just use mayonnaise, powdered mustard, salt and pepper.

SAW MY FIRST LIGHTNING BUGS OF THE SEASON LAST NIGHT! HAPPIEST. THING. EVER! Nothing that isn’t people makes me so happy as watching lightning bugs rise up out of the grass and get all twinkly all over the place. First flower, first lightning bug, first red/orange/yellow leaf, first snow. Signals that there’s beauty and joy in every season. Anchors, reminding me of all I love in life so I don’t get tempted by The Big Sleep. What Hamlet’s “To be or not to be” speech can’t accomplish, blue-tailed lizards do.


writing prompt: Write a scene with lightning bugs in it.