I told you about how I cooked a bunch of chicken breasts in the crock pot. Okay, so (and this would work with any pre-cooked chicken, o’course), I made this quick and easy thing. You need achicken and asparagus RICE COOKER for it, one of the best gizmos I ever bought.


  • cooked chicken
  • rice
  • asparagus
  • multi-colored peppers

Put rice in the cooker. Add water any seasonings to taste. Top with seeded peppers and as much fresh asparagus as you can fit in. Drizzle with garlic-flavored olive oil. Cook. Heat cooked chicken. Divide the rice and vegetables into dishes and top with chicken.

I’m getting over my cold, but you still wouldn’t want to eat across the table from me. I went to Mom’s last night and we watched RUNAWAY BRIDE. I love Richard Gere and I love Julia Roberts. They both seem like people I would love to know in person. It makes me happy to watch either one of them work. I didn’t much like the story–a woman who dumps multiple men at the altar because she doesn’t know who she really is but has pretended to be what they wanted. Once, barely acceptable. Twice, no. Three, four…. Seems like the guys in one little town would wise up, doesn’t it? But it was still a fun movie, thanks to all the good secondary and bit characters, and ALL the good acting from everybody in the cast. Good music, too.


writing prompt: How would one of your character feel/act if dumped at the altar?