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This was in my spam list today, and I had to share it. I’ve changed the configuration and taken out the links, but it’s otherwise just as it arrived:

I was righteous reading a question
on how to convey your down comforter

all unimportant again
and almost all the answers
said that you can categorize
some tennis balls in the dryer
to write that happen.

how do you play texas holdem
So how does that function exactly?
Why does this happen?
Can you throw away something else
less than tennis balls?
Gratefulness you!

how to hit a forehand in tennis


Ain’t that just the sad truth? Man, poetry just takes the top of your head off, doesn’t it?

I still have a cold. Meh.


writing prompt: Categorize some tennis balls in the dryer and write that happen. Er, I mean, pick out a bunch of random sentences from the paper or a magazine and make them make sense together.