I hab a code. *sniff sniffle*. But the good news is, the writers conference I’m attending is online, so I can sit in my bathrobe and sneeze and honk and pretend I’m well-groomed and at my best. heh!
The Virtual Writers Conference is happ’nin’ NOW! I’m so excited! The first post is by my friend and mentor, Leslea Harmon, who is wise beyond her years. She also skates in the Derby City Rollergirls, which is another plus.

Check out  Gayle Trent, welcoming all attendees and ‘splaining to Lucy how a Virtual Writers Conference works, and what the virtual banquet is like. Glad it’s only virtual….

Me, I’m going to feast on chicken soup and soda crackers and tea.


writing prompt: If you were to write a column for a virtual writers’ conference, what would it be about? Write it.