We’ll be back at the Howard Steamboat Museum’s Victorian Chautauqua today, and I’ll be snapping pictures for this blog and the Southern Indiana Writers blog.

We had such a blast! Three of us set up, and two others relieved us, but we had such a great time, we all stayed for the whole time. One of our members, who hasn’t been able to make the meetings in a while, dropped in for a couple of hours and helped out and visited.

Although the sales were quite satisfactory, the best part was schmoozing with the other vendors and the people who stopped by the booth, whether they bought stuff or not. One buyer came back later to tell us how much he loved the stories he’d ALREADY READ while he was still on the grounds.

We can’t wait to get back today! I’m going to church first (see my halo?), then I’m going, and taking biscuits and cold chicken. Made the chicken in the crock pot last night and the biscuits this morning.

And so the day begins.


writing prompt: Put a character in a booth at a large public festival. Use it and customer interactions to get to know the character better for your own information or to move a plot.