Charlie and I have pink underwear. I know, I know, there has to be a limit to how much I share on this PUBLIC blog, and that goes way over the TMI line.

But here’s the thing: It isn’t in honor of all our friends who have survived breast cancer, are fighting it or will need to fight it. It’s because I put something with red bits in with the whites.

Why did I do something so stupid? Well, it’s a long-standing problem. Not the stupidity, although there’s that, too.

Dig it: You have a garment that has red bits and beige bits. You look at the care tag. The care tag says Wash with light colors only. So do you wash it with reds or do you wash it with lights? Or do you have to collect a wardrobe of red-and-beige garments before you can wash it?

So I figured, If I washed this thing BY ITSELF, if it were going to bleed it would bleed all over ITSELF, and that wouldn’t make any sense, so the dye must be colorfast and I can wash it with whites.


I told my #4 daughter about our crisis and she said, “You’re a girl. It’s okay for you to wear pink.” I said, “But your dad’s unders are pink, too.” She paused and said, “It’s okay. Dad is a Manly Man. Manly Men can wear pink.”

So I guess that’s all right. Meanwhile, don’t forget to click every day to help fund free mammograms. There’s a link at the top right (your right, not my right) of the sidebar. Doesn’t cost a thing to click. BTW, Manly Men can get breast cancer, too. Let’s be careful out there.


writing prompt: Obvious–a laundry day disaster with consequences.