Busy day today. Mom and I were going to get our hairs cut, but she just called and said she isn’t feeling well. She wasn’t feeling well last night, either, so I told her to see if we can get her into the doctor’s today. I’m not taking any chances with my precious mother.

It’s bad enough that I have to take chances with my precious husband. Yesterday, he was cutting wood and got the chain saw hung up in a log. In getting it free (no, it isn’t THAT bad–don’t stop reading), he got the nose of the saw in the dirt and got it all muddy. He isn’t MONK, but he likes to keep his equipment clean because it lasts longer that way. So he took it inside and used an air pressure pump to blow the bar clean. He had the chain almost clean when he decided it would be a good idea to run it under an electric circular brush. He didn’t put his gloves on. The brush and the chain decided to be bestest friends, and his fingers got cut.cedar heart

Here is a picture of one of the zillions of pieces of wood he’s cut. This is cedar, which I think is one of the most beautiful woods on earth. Smells nice, too.

I needed to bandage it for him, since he couldn’t do it single-handed, so I got to have a look at the damage. Not too bad, but it bled a lot–which is a good thing. We cleaned out the wounds–not deep, but several of them, put antibacterial and antibiotic goop on them.

Now Mom and I have the doctor, a Woman’s Lit Club meeting (if she feels up to it) and an Herb Society dinner tonight (again, if she feels up to it). Meanwhile, I need to keep an eye on my crazy man, so he doesn’t hurt himself more trying to work in spite of the injury.


writing prompt: Rearrange a character’s schedule unexpectedly.