One of our friends in Louisville gave us some eggs, some of which have green shells. The green is very delicate, and may not show up in this snappy,green eggs and ham but it’s obvious in person. This is supposed to look like a happy face, btw. Just so you know. Yes, I know what else it looks like, but it’s supposed to be a happy face. Be nice.

Mom and I had a great prime rib dinner last night at Magdalena’s. We each had enough left over to bring home for another meal. I have some portobello mushrooms, and some noodles, and some sour cream, so I see prime rib stroganoff in my future.


I’ll cook the noodles, then I’ll fry the mushrooms in a dry pan to concentrate the flavor, then I’ll melt some butter in with them, stir in some flour, add some milk and, when it’s nice and bubbly, I’ll take some out for Charlie. Then I’ll put in some of the prime rib cut into small cubes and some sour cream and freshly-ground pepper. We’ll each have our own particular sauce over noodles.


writing prompt: What does your main character do for Mother’s Day? What does your villain do?