I met my friend Jane in Louisville on Tuesday. In honor of the day, we met at Sol Aztecas Grill and Cantinasolaztecas. It’s right across the street from another “south of the border” eatery which shall be nameless, which has won awards, and which I do not like. Meh. Sol Aztecas was GREAT! I had never been there before, but I hope we go there again. The food was not too spicy, but there was a bottle of hot sauce on the table so we could hot it up if we wanted to (we didn’t). That’s authentic Mexican food.

The day was so beautiful, I waited on the porch for Jane. I’m usually a little early,birdonrafter because I leave time for traffic and sometimes traffic flows better than expected. She parked in back–we seem to have a history of parking on opposite sides of wherever we meet–and she came out to fetch me.

“Oh, look at that!” she said, pointing above my head.

I looked up. There was a pigeon nest on the rafter above me, with a little dove/pigeon (a squab?) peeking over the side. No parental units had come to buzz me or strafe me while I was standing directly under the nest. Thank you, Jesus.


Writing prompt: Look for Nature in unexpected places–bird’s nests in the curves of neon signs, flowers growing through cracks in walls or sidewalks, mice in the upholstery of unused cars.