Relax, it’s a restaurant. This is the Shalimar Indian restaurant, my very most favorite place to eat in the whole wide world. The daughter of a friendshalimar talked half the attendees at the Green River Writers Retreat into going there one year, and I’ve loved it ever since. It’s fancy, but not too fancy. They make you feel comfortable there, whether you come in wearing celebration clothes or sandals and shorts. This picture isn’t very good, because the light was so strong, but this is what the outside looks like. The web site has pictures of the interior. The banner says it’s the Best of Louisville Award Winner–Voted Best Indian Restaurant by Louisville Magazine and Courier Journal. And me. They forgot to say me.

My #4 daughter and I almost always go there when I visit her overnight. Sometimes I take her and sometimes she takes me. This time, she took me. We had vegetable samosas, which are sort of triangles of dough wrapped around potatoes and deep fried. I think the vegetable ones are much nicer than the meat ones.

She had chicken tikka masala and I had chicken korma, both of which were heavenly, and OF COURSE we had naan bread. If you don’t know what these dishes are, you need to hie thee to an Indian restaurant and order them. You’ll be glad you did.

During one of our visits, we did a writing exercise in which we were to feature the sense of smell, since we both tend to be weak on using that in our writing. Mine ended up being a love story in which the Shalimar was practically one of the characters. I typed it up and my husband put it in a frame and I gave it to one of the owners. It’s now on the wall in their waiting area, and that’s probably the publication I’m most proud of. 🙂


Writing prompt: Duh! Write for 5 minutes, featuring the sense of smell.