Sounds like one of those TV catchphrase insults, doesn’t it? “Kiss mah grits!” “Eat my shorts!” “Cast my story!” It isn’t, though, it’s an invitation. There’s this totally kewl site called Storycasting, where you can… er… cast stories. Have I already told you this? Anyway, you can decide who should play this or that character. They have a database of whole big bunches of actors and actresses. If you want somebody who isn’t in their database, just email them, and they add him/her/them.

And they have 14 of my stories! If you’ve read DYING IN A WINTER WONDERLAND, SWORD AND SORCERESS XXII or XXIII, or the last six or so Southern Indiana Writers Group anthologies, you’d be doing me a kindness to go to my stories and cast them.

My only quibble is that you have to cast the actors/actresses at the age they are now. I think it would be so much fun to mix live performers of all times and at whatever age would be appropriate. But that’s a small thing.

Now I must get high-speed–and a time machine. I just don’t have time enough to play!


Writing prompt: Cast your own story/novel/screenplay. In my little world, you can mix living/past performers and specify their ages.