I had a class to teach yesterday evening, so we ate early. We had some kale stew left from the other day, so we had that. We also had some store-bought whiteasparagus-rolls bread and leftover asparagus spears, so I decided to make asparagus rolls. This picture shows one under construction and one rolled up. Please note that the rolled one looks rather nasty. This is because the bread was too stale to roll, but the cream cheese helped it to stick together…more or less. As my grandfather used to say, “It don’t hurt the eatin’ of it.”

If you are, as I am not, a vegetarian, leave off the bacon. Use roasted red peppers, instead.


  • Bread, with the crusts cut off
  • cooked asparagus spears
  • cream cheese, spreadably soft
  • pre-cooked bacon and/or roasted red peppers
  • soft butter

Squish the bread kind of flat. Spread with cream cheese. Put 1/2 slice bacon and 1 asparagus spear on 1 slice of bread. Roll up. Butter outside of roll. Bake at 350 until bread is toasted.

I didn’t take a picture after it was done, because it looked REALLY disheveled. It tasted good, though.


Writing prompt: How do three of your characters feel about food presentation? Does food have to look a certain way? Does the food they make have to look a certain way? Does one put parsley sprigs on the plate when she/he eats alone, and does another one just slop things on top of one another, and does another one put everything in bowls and on platters and let guests help themselves?