I only stayed one night in Louisville, and didn’t have time to post. We had dinner at the Shalimar, read to each other from our WIP and watched some of FIREFLY. I woke up with a headache and it only got worse. Hot and close in the apartment, in spite of her window unit. The complex’s central air hadn’t been turned on, and the window unit just wasn’t cutting it. I decided to make a run for home while I could still drive. Made it. Whew!

Maybe I just can’t bear to be away from home any more. Wouldn’t that be a sad thing? I don’t mind being homesick, as long as actual sickness isn’t involved.

Going to the grocery today, and may not be able to post later, so this may be it.

Have no new work to show for the visit, as we’re both busy on projects and didn’t want to start anything new. I did get jazzed about the piece I’m working on. I wasn’t feeling very confident about it, but reading it out loud and getting her feedback made me feel very good about what I’ve done and where I’m going with it. After the first scene, she said she got THIS feeling about THESE characters, and felt like something like THAT might happen or THIS OTHER conflict was building, and those were just what I had hoped but didn’t know if I’d managed. So it was a great visit in lots of ways, even though it had to be cut short.


Writing prompt: Not really a prompt today, but a question. Do you have somebody you can read your work in progress to, who will give you HONEST feedback–tell you when something works and when something doesn’t? If he/she/they say something doesn’t work, do you reject their advice, or do you try to analyze it and MAKE it work without sacrificing your vision?