Wheeee! I don’t mean Vera Wang, and I don’t mean Vera-the-scarf-designer-with-ladybugs, I mean Vera Nazarian. She’s the most powerful literary fantasy writer I’ve ever read. I bought myself THE DUKE IN HIS CASTLE for Christmas and it blew me away. She’s just reissued SALT OF THE AIR through her publishing house, Norilana, and I just bought a copy! heeeee! I also just bought a copy of LORDS OF RAINBOW, which she said I’d probably like if I liked DUKE.

They’re on their way–they’re on their way

They’re on their way, hey-hey, hey-hey!

On MY way to visit #4 daughter in Louisville for a couple of days. I’ll send you a postcard, if I have time.


Writing prompt: Why do you love the authors you love?