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Ever since I posted about the indigestible dinner I ate the other evening, I’ve been getting spam comments from ladies and gentlemen hawking colon cleansers. As the post title says, thanks but no thanks. If I want my colon cleansed, I’ll drink some prune juice. It really really works, and I totally love it.

I got addicted to prune juice when I was heavy with child–daughter #4, to be precise. Then, after she was born, I had to put some in her milk–wonder if there’s a connection. Anyway, I took her to a gathering where we knew some of the people well, some slightly and some not at all. One of the pre-teen girls, whose mother is from England, looked at #4’s brown bottle and says, with this English accent that makes the most innocuous comments sound snotty, “Choc’let milk oolreddeh?” “Prune juice,” I said. She didn’t stick around to hear the details, though I was fully prepared to paint as clear a picture as she cared to hear. ha!

I have no pride. I haven’t had any pride since my water broke in the middle of the hospital parking lot.

–What the frack…!— I just saw a cat run by the library…Ran across the street…safely <whew!> I never see a stray dog or cat in Corydon! This kind of looked like the one Mom and I saw near the library parking lot a few months ago. We figured it lived near there, but this cat was a block away from there and ranging farther afield. I wonder if it’s wild, and is hunting on the square or what.


Okay, back to posting. The other day, I posted about the great children’s garden behind the library. Then somebody came and broke a bit of it. There was a statue of a boy and girl sitting on a bench, reading, under a tree outside the big tree. The library had the tree cut down, for some reason, and the statue sat atop the mound where the tree used to be. Now there’s a frackin’ hole where the tree used to be, the boy and girl are in the hole, and the bench is broken in two. 😦

Work to do. Must. Write. Chronicles.


Writing prompt: What is a malicious reason that library statue might have been broken? What is an un-malicious reason?