Once upon a time, there was a princess who was a good as she was fat. –I mean beautiful. As good as she was beautiful. One day, in the middle of winter, the princess found that one of hergreenearring favorite earrings had fallen from her earlobe and become lost. “Damn it to hell,” said the princess. “That was a damn good earring!” But, alas, the earring was nowhere to be found: not in her chariot, nor her carpet, nor her mother’s carpet nor in the snow and ice around their portals.

Then, when the princess had given up finding her lost ear-baub, Easter came. The princess looked down upon the carpet and there, where she had looked and cleaned many times before, in plain sight where it had never been in all those months, was her earring. None knew where it had been nor how it had returned, but there it was.

The princess picked it up and wore it happily ever after.

I love a happy ending.


Writing prompt: Does your main character have a favorite accessory? Write a character who does.