I got home from church this morning, and guess who was here to greet me? Forrest. Yes, Forrest, the dog who knocked me down. He was tearing around at full speed, SO happy to be back! I got out my camera and waited for him to run up close but, when he did, Joe (the Noble Hound) got between us and growled and chased him away. We went to Charlie’s brother James’ for Easter and, when we got back, Forrest was gone. Don’t know if Joe chased him away or, more likely, Forrest’s people came and got him. They know where to look, now.

Church was very jolly, with lots of people there we haven’t seen for a while. Billy White came, which was great. Billy used to come when he was a young boy, and then he stopped, but he came back to visit this Sunday. He’s a great guy–a young adult, now, going to IUS. He’s always been into opera and all kinds of music, and that’s what he’s studying. I wish he would come back all the time so Sue and I would have somebody else to talk opera with, but I don’t really expect it.

We sing the best songs at Easter–In The Garden and He Arose, and we get to trash-talk the grim reaper: “Oh, Death, where is thy sting? Where thy victory, O Grave?” Like, “Yo–Death! Yeah, I’m talkin’ ta YOU! Whe’s yeh sting? Eh? Eh? Yeah, whe’s yeh sting? I GOT yeh sting, Death–I got yeh sting right heah. Oh, yeah? Got yeh homey Grave wit’ yeh, huh? Gotta have some backup, huh? Well, BRING IT!” heeeee!

No Easter basket–boo hoo for me. Just didn’t do it.

ME: I think this is the first time in my whole life the Easter Bunny didn’t come.

CHARLIE (apologetically): Things just slip up on me, and then they’re here and it’s too late.

ME: I chose not to put anything together.


ME: Yeah. We don’t need all that crap.

CHARLIE: That’s right. We don’t.

ME: Besides, everything will be cheaper tomorrow.

Yeah, I’m a woman of principle. And not much capital.


Writing prompt: What’s in YOUR character’s Easter basket?